About Us


OCHS S.A.S CHEMICAL PRODUCTS is a company specialized in the development and commercialization of sustainable chemical solutions for different sectors of the industry in Colombia and Latin America.

We are strategic allies of our customers through a complete portfolio and our technical advice with highly qualified personnel, connecting them with innovative solutions for their processes.

We visualize in the future integral efficiency of processes, supported by innovation and synergy with our suppliers, customers and the community.

About us

Our Technical & Commercial Team

Technical and Commercial Team

Composed of Chemical Engineers and Petroleum Engineers, our technical and commercial team combines the experience of more than 30 years in the industry with the willingness to provide all the advice and support to our customers in their applications.

Financial and Administrative Team

Our financial and administrative team is composed of multidisciplinary professionals who work hand in hand with financial, goods and services, in order tomeet the requirements of our clients and guarantee the profitability and sustainability of the company.

Management Systems Team

Our certifications of quality, environmental and our legal compliance of the SGSST are supported by a team of professionals in different disciplines with training in audits, which allow the continuous improvement of the Organization, the care of the environment and the health of our workers.

Operational Team

The heart of our company. Our large operational team, which has the training and certification for it’s operation, combines laboratory work with production, storage and dispatch logistics necessary to fulfill our customers' orders. Together with the technical and commercial area, they guarantee the fulfillment of the technical specifications that allow our customers to obtain products with quality certification.


To provide specialized chemical and biotechnological solutions to our customers based on excellent technical support, quality standards and environmental commitment.


To be in 2023 a company with national recognition in the supply of specialized chemical and biotechnological solutions that optimize the results of our customers in the industrial sector, from a focus on innovation, profitability, business and environmental sustainability.

Environmental Quality Policy

In OCHS S.A.S. CHEMICAL PRODUCTS we provide specialized chemical and biotechnological solutions to the industrial sector. Under the guidelines of our Strategic Planning, we ensure the delivery of reliable products and services supported by an after-sales support, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers and promoting a culture of environmental responsibility.

To this end, Senior Management is committed to:

  • Comply with applicable legislation, the requirements of our interested parties and others to which the Organization subscribes.
  • Protect the environment by preventing pollution through the control, reduction and use of waste and the promotion of good practices that allow the prevention of adverse environmental impacts.
  • Promote a proactive and preventive approach at all levels of the organization based on risk management and change planning.
  • Improve environmental and process performance through continuous improvement of the Quality and Environmental Management System.

ISO 9001:2015 Scope

Formulation, production and marketing of chemical products for the oil sector in the segments of drilling, production, cementing, stimulation and transportation of crudeoil; marketing of biotechnology products for biorefining, drainage and watertreatment in the paper sector.

Operational Headquarters: Cota
Administrative Headquarters: Cali

ISO 14001:2015 Scope

Formulation, production and commercialization of chemical products for the oil sector in the segments of drilling, production, cementing, stimulation and transportation of crude oil; commercialization of biotechnology products for biorefining, drainage and water treatment in the paper sector.

Operational Headquarters: Cota
Administrative Headquarters: Cali

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

OCHS S.A.S. CHEMICAL PRODUCTS, represented by the top management, assumes the commitment and responsibility for the development and continuous improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, providing all the guarantees that allow a safe workspace for all employees and external personnel involved in the activities of the company.

In order to comply with these principles, we assume the following commitments:

  • Identify hazards, evaluate and assess risks and establish the respective controls to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.
  • To strive for the safety and health of all workers, through continuous improvement of the system.
  • Comply with current national regulations applicable to occupational hazards.
  • To continuously promote the responsibility of the collaborators for their safety and physical and mental integrity.
  • Provide economic resources, enhancing the development of our employees, creating added value to our customers and strengthening cooperation withour suppliers, contractors and business partners.

The Senior Management of Ochs S.A.S. Chemical Products is committed todisseminate this Policy to our employees and interested parties and to allocate thenecessary resources for its implementation.